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It can seem I think you can see threatens for CAS because it can reach a point where the CAC well with the computers doing all this stuff what's going to be left for me to do what we really want our CEO so do as chiropractor brisbane I think the majority what we really want burpengary chiropractic centre to do is to communicate package of our patients and their care for our patients from a heart and to be dead for the patterns rather than be focusing on filling our receipts filling in Medicare Plan forms. 

Completely documentation for third parties family chiropractic brisbane probably will never look at a good evening too many webs and then we've studied that over a period of several weeks and edited up sort to see where the title actually makes them so we want to know what is it that's doing what is chiropractor north lakes the doctors are doing outside of adjusting so that we can actually and see how many of those things maybe weekend. 

We can address and it turns out that a very large percentage of those we can fix we can eliminate with computers in quite quite easily just by addressing the big ones you want to actually solve health problems at chiropractic centre be using software that specifically engineered fuel industry so that it's obviously going to be able to leverage your resources because generalized software like office chiropractor brisbane northside can do stuff with it but I mean you imagine keeping your employment center in Microsoft Outlook. 

You know I mean you can do it but it's just not using the right tools from using one that's really specifically engineered pain relief specialist brisbane so look its enormous of enormous power in a computer and it's using you know a tool that does can't access that power sort of make sure that the tools we gotta really accessing that power.

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